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With different learning institutions in New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and Singapore, we are sure to find you a campus which you like to further your education.

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With your present level of education, qualification and work experience, you tell us your aspiration, we shall propose to you ways to achieve your goal.

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Every year, many students go overseas to start their exciting learning journey and full of hope. They can be as young and enthusiastic as a 11-years old to a mature professional who seeks a career change, like a 45 years old. Age is no limit. Life long learning is the key to forever youth.

Every year, graduates share with us their campus life as poised, confident adults or professionals in different fields. Students leave us joy with their progress in life, study and achievements, for jobs and further study, taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improve the future.

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Anthony Chau

Senior Director of Knowledge Intellegentia Enterprise

MBA, University of Otago

BE, University of Canterbury

DBS, Massey University

Cert. Metallurgy, University of Auckland